Starting of the supportive training courses to support single mothers within the project “Program for (self) employment of single mothers”

Within the project “Program for (self) employment of single mothers” implemented by organizations: Business Confederation Macedonia, Institute of Management and Support Association of Business Women, funded through IPA 1 program throughout 2017, actively conducts activities in several stages, in the municipalities of Bitola, Stip and Skopje (Centar).

In the period from May to June to conduct the first training cycle with the following topics: Professional communication, management, teamwork, people management, tasks and time, employability skills and developing business shlan.

The first of the training cycle, “Professional communication and assertiveness” began yesterday in the municipality of Centar – Skopje Office Youth O. Center. The training was attended by twenty women, single mothers, and part of them are women victims of domestic violence. Within the project program was provided a room for children stay in care of the professional team.

The project aims at implementing a comprehensive model to support single mothers (especially victims of domestic violence) to assist in the search and that opportunities for permanent employment and self-employment, in cooperation with municipalities, the responsible institutions and the business sector, through appropriate training and mentoring processes.

In the next period the same training will be delivered for the same beneficiaries in Stip and Bitola.