BCM in their activities has its own priorities and plan, implementation of the plan and the program is in accordance with the Statute of the organization.
Operations model, policy action, recommendations, counseling and way of communication with members, the public and social partners as overall tool in the hands of businesses and members of BCM.

BCM through its activities provides a unique opportunity for the business community:
Providing legal advice in the field, economics, law, labor law, safety and health, security in processing of food products and others.
Presentation – website, electronic presentation, communication with members, advertising in its publications, website, monthly newspaper, brochures, leaflets, conferences.
Trainings for project management, financial management, planning, crisis management, corporate governance, international communication, negotiation with employees, labor contracts
Representing members in labor disputes, collective bargaining, achieving dialogue at company level, branch, economic activity.
Lobbying and representation of members’ interests at the level of the Government and trade unions, as well as at European level, in terms of the European institutions and organizations;
Providing information and advisory services to members of the business community on issues of common interest, the area of taxation, labor, training, legislation for industry, environmental protection, promotion and market research;
Training and promoting evidence-based proposals to the Government and the social partners, on various issues of business and social responsibility practices.
Creating opportunities to facilitate business connections with companies from the EU and third countries and to organize various social events, prospertiteni opportunities for European and lokalnalnata business community;
It provides regular information about changes affecting business in the country by organizing workshops, seminars and other events;
Participation in policy-making in the EU; by establishing effective working relations with the European Commission and the embassies of EU member states in Skopje;
Assisting enterprises (members and other legal entities) to establish useful business contacts and to provide information to business partners in the country and in Europe
Active participation in:
-National Body for Corporate Social Responsibility
-National Authority for development of employment policies
-National Authority for Safety and Health at Work
-Nacionalniot Council for Entrepreneurship and Competitiveness

Activities in international bodies:

-Member of The International Organization of Employers
-Participation in the projects of ILO
-Participation in the work of AREC-Adriatic Region Employers Center
-Cooperation with the European Association of Food Industry
-Cooperation with the European Association of Wood Industry UEA
-Preparation and participation in international and domestic projects
– Application of open calls for EU funded projects
– Applying project CBC
– Participation and application of national and local projects
– Connection between members and national and international institutions