WIM2: WORKERS INVOLVEMENT – STRAIGHT TO THE CHALLENGES

On the basis of successfully implemented project “WIM: Workers involvement for better and sustainable management in undertakings in Slovenia, Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia”, which identified the current situation and existing legislation on employee involvement in undertakings in Candidate Countries, as well as initiated actions to familiarize the social partners and actors at company level with the content of EU law on employee involvement, project partners expressed their interest to participate in the follow-up project WIM 2. The project WIM 1 opened some interesting issues in the companies and directed them to address employees’ involvement as an integral part of their corporate policies.


Objectives of the project:

  • making the social partners and actors at company level acquainted with the relevant content of employee involvement and instruct them on the importance of effective employees’ representation bodies to contribute to company decisions reinforcing business competitiveness and results and more efficient coping with the challenges of global competition;
  • initiate transnational actions and co-operation for improvement of current situation of employee involvement in New Member States and Candidate Countries;
  • promote the EU law and policies on employee involvement in participating countries, namely through exchange of information, expertise and good practice, as well as creating favorable conditions for the setting up of mechanisms and national information, consultation and participation bodies;
  • examine the feasibility of adaptation and implementation of the Acquis Communautaire (EU law and standard) and prepare recommendations/starting point for the legislation on employee involvement;
  • adaptation of relations between employers and employees to changes in employment and work related challenges, such as the modernization of labour markets, quality of work and decent work in order to increase employment and remain competitive.