The mission of the Business Confederation of Macedonia is to assist and encourage the improvement of the business environment in Macedonia, to further build partnerships, to work on the development of the tripartite dialog, to foster the competitiveness of the Macedonian economy and to develop business on the grounds of transparency and business ethics.

Main creator of the business policies related to the development of economy that will ensure prosperity for the Republic of Macedonia.Acting with integrity and responsibility is a core element of our corporate culture. It is not important only TO ACHIEVE our business goals, but it is very significant HOW they are achieved. Our users, business partners, shareholders, external providers, the public, and we, as employees, expect the following from the BCM: to act with integrity both in the business relations and in our mutual interactions. In other words: we act fair, honestly and transparently. Responsibility of each individual is to behave ethically and lawfully. It is our belief that integrity is far more important than any short-term business success. If there is any doubt, we would rather deny a certain business, than make deals which do not comply with our principles.
Basic principles of our work and existence are grounded on the values we believe in and respect:
Partnership and cooperation – our members, our partners and collaborators are the basis for our existence and operations.
Innovations and knowledge – we strive towards perfection in work, we encourage the creativity and innovations by promoting new approaches in the products and service delivery.
Transparency – we are committed to transparent, responsible and informed decision-making process in cooperation with our members.
Availability and inclusion – we represent the principles of availability of all our services to everybody, with no barriers or discrimination, and we stand for greater inclusion of all members and partners in the representation of the interests of large, medium and small enterprises.
Socially responsible enterprises – oriented towards fair, ethical and anti-corruptive operating. We strongly believe it is important to present the corporate social responsibility as a factor of sustainable and long-term economy.