Companies from Pelagonia region demand opportunities for investing in the free industrial zone

The companies from Pelagonia region seek equal development opportunities and option for export oriented local companies to invest in the free economic zone. On the meeting with the entrepreneurs and managers of the small and medium-sized companies from the Prilep region, organized by Business Confederation Macedonia, it was discussed about the current problems and challenges that the companies from this region are facing.


Тhe purpose of this meeting is promoting the good business climate and creating better working conditions in the local companies.  

 “We maintain consistent contact with our members; implement research, analysis and measurement of the conditions in different spheres in the social consciousness on local, national and regional level. With that being said, we are a relevant catalyst for the expression of the business community and initiator of social dialog and industrial relations in the country.  With promoting the concept of conducting business responsibly, we also promote the sustainability of the economy and the long-term corporate development. These direct meetings are in favor of increasing our scope, intensifying our actions and concrete steps in the reforms as well as legislative changes and economic strategies. All of this with the purpose of ensuring a productive business environment.”, Said Mile Boskov, president of the Business Confederation of Macedonia.


In order to overcome the problems faced by companies, the Business Confederation of Macedonia prepared a draft platform of policies and strategies based on the most problematic areas in the work of business entities. “Rule of law”; “Access to finance”; “Entrepreneurial culture”; “Fair Competition” and “Enabling legal and regulatory environment” are the titles of these platforms.

The creation of the policy proposals as well as the organization of this event is supported by the project “Promoting Social Dialogue”, financed by the European Union and implemented by the International Labor Organization. Business Confederation Macedonia will continue with promotional events in several cities which will include many owners, entrepreneurs and managers in order to improve the business climate in the country.