BCM attended the Balkan Employers Round Table

On 22 March this year in Ljubljana was held the first “Balkan Employers Round Table”. Business Confederation Macedonia, as affected party for the employers in Republic of Macedonia, attended this event in order to give its opinion and past experience in the country.


The role of business and employers’ organisations in Europe, the process of EU accession for the Balkan countries and the place of social dialogue in those countries were the topics  discussed on this event. Employers’ organisation representatives from the Balkan countries and EU Member States had the opportunity to engage in open discussion, exchange views and network to forge relations for the future.


Balkan Employers Round Table also served as a meeting of the members of AREC (Adriatic Region Employers Center) on which national economies and potential for reorganizing business in the region were presented as part of a single global market. The event was being held jointly by the Association of Employers of Slovenia and the European Economic and Social Committee’s Employers’ Group.