BCM Training and Education

BCM offers a wide range of training programs in the field of people management, employment law, respect for the environment and human health, business literacy, export skills, change management.

Sharing experience from the real business sector, we constantly upgrade and develop our programs in order to help business to strength their organizational capacity  and the needs of the business community.

Nowadays the globalization of markets is accelerating the diffusion of technology and the pace of innovation is intense. Business environment imposes continuous improvement of managers and employees. Investing in skills and knowledge of the employees is basic need in order to achieve business goals of the enterprise.

Our trainers combine their experience of practice and theory, in the field of labor law, people development, health and safety and the environment, labor disputes, business plans, specific managerial skills, managing change.
Investment in training today means an investment in productivity, knowledge, loyalty of employees and contribution to the future.

We also offer customized training in the company. BCM will be happy to EXPLORE and CREATE appropriate programs for you.

Do you have any special training needs?Perhaps training programs and education are not exactly those needs of your company.

BCM can help. We have a number of specific training that can adapt to your liking.We will discuss your needs with you, we will assess together with you and your managers for the current needs of the company and will work together on designing the right solution for your business.

We can assist you in:

  • Identification of your business objectives through highlighting your key training needs.
  • Design Targeted training with studies and case examples coming from real issues in your business
  • Delivering practical programs that will build confidence and competence of those who manage people in your business
  • View Impact of training to ensure the right course at the right time with the right people

Also we can provide a service that is essential for staff in the company developed – a psycho-metric tests.
Our team has extensive experience in advising companies on human resources and security issues related to the health and welfare of employees and managers in the company.

Personal Coaching Management

Studies shows that people who invest in training and development are advanced and better manage their work and career.

Companies that invest in training and development in crisis 2.5 times more likely to succeed ..

Companies that identify and practice corporate tasks manager must focus on:

  • Manage work now and in the future
  • Team Management
  • Managing individuals
  • Managing conflicts and difficult decisions
  • Manage yourself

Our role is to support established corporate companies and to assist managers in fulfillment of the obligations arising from the responsibilities in all areas of the company. Our training and seminars are relate to real way of doing business. Learning and training are important, but the introduction and practice of management practices are the key to success.