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We are celebrating 20 years of working for the business community

We are celebrating 20 years of working for the business community

With the presence of the business community, government representatives and representatives of international bodies present in the country, the Business Confederation of Macedonia marked 20 years of its existence. The Business Confederation of Macedonia over the years has managed to build into a dynamic and modern organization that effectively strives for a better business environment and with its services has successfully helped companies to improve their performance and adopt business-responsible practices.

During the celebration of the anniversary, BCM once again emphasized its main goal, work for the business and again offered a vision for what it will strive for in the future.

“Business Confederation of Macedonia has always worked to cause fundamental changes in society guided by the vision to see our country as a place with a good standard of living and a place with good working conditions. Experience has shown us that this goal can only be achieved through systematic work and a mission to improve working conditions, respect the law, increase the capacity of employers and respect workers’ and human rights. With today’s results, the membership we have and the established partnerships with international organizations and associations, we have proved that it is possible and therefore in the concept and program of BCM is to further deepen and encourage business coalitions, to encourage smart recruitment and employment, facilitated digital management of businesses and promotion of Macedonian companies at national and international level “, said Mile Boskov, President of the Business Confederation of Macedonia and presented the work of the organization for 2019, 2020 and 2021.

The Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs, Fatmir Bitiqi, in his introductory speech at the conference congratulated the 20th anniversary of the Business Confederation and said that he expects the cooperation and open dialogue between the Government and the organization to continue in the future and that the activities will continue through a joint partnership. which are in the function of the business and the workers, because the good economic parameters are reflected positively on the whole society and reach every single citizen.

“The conditions for doing business are probably the most important for every single investor, businessman, entrepreneur and that is exactly what we as a Government stand for.” Political and economic stability and predictability, efficient and fast procedures, measures that stimulate technological development and innovation in the operation of companies, better and better paid jobs, I believe that all this is a common goal of all of us who are here today. Achieving these goals requires trusted partners. Exactly such a partner is the Business Confederation of Macedonia, which professionally and correctly articulates the requirements of companies and systematically and thoroughly proposes solutions to solve all problems and overcome all challenges, in order to create a supportive and encouraging business environment, which will bring growth and development of our companies “, started in his speech Bytyqi and added that the Government remains committed to supporting the economy. “Through the Law on Financial Support of Investments, we support all manufacturing companies, at the moment in the portfolio managed by my cabinet we have about 350 active contracts. With my arrival in this position in 2020, for the first time despite the Covid crisis, we have 100% payment of state aid to our companies, which confirms our commitment to them and our intention to support them. “We will do the same this year, for us, it is important for companies to know that they have a partner and at a time full of challenges such as these last two years,” said the Deputy Prime Minister.

Establishing partnerships with international organizations, including the International Labor Organization, BCM over the years has managed to build excellent relationships that have led to very visible results and strengthen the collective voice of business.

“Today, business models are changing rapidly and radically, creating the need for greater innovation, adaptability and flexibility in policy makers, companies and employers’ organizations. Companies expect employers’ organizations to work with policy makers to shape new norms and regulations that will create an economy and society ready for the future. I hope that the Business Confederation of Macedonia will respond to these challenges and offer innovative solutions to new issues affecting jobs. I hope that it will contribute to building an economy of cooperation, in which the Government, companies and workers together face the challenges ahead.” said Emil Krstanovski, Coordinator of the International Labor Organization for the Republic of North Macedonia.

“This is an opportunity to welcome the good and stable work that has been done so far by BCM and we believe that much more will follow.” I would like to thank Mr. Boskov, who has always been a part of and made a valuable contribution to the meetings convened by the EU and the Economic Reform Program. The EU takes into account the views of business representatives, and in this regard we have invited the confederation to officially present its comments on the draft program of economic reform 2022-2024. It should be emphasized how important the feedback from the business is for the creation of economic policies “, emphasized Julian Vassalo, Deputy Head of the EU Delegation in the Republic of North Macedonia.

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