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The Law on Personal Data Protection

The Law on Personal Data Protection

The Full Implementation Of The New Law On Personal Data Protection Started On August 24th

The Law on Personal Data Protection was adopted and entered into force in February 2020. The Agency for Personal Data Protection points out that, given the new challenges in terms of basic human rights and freedoms that appear daily, specifically the right to privacy and personal data protection, in order to better address the challenges in the area of privacy arising from the increased use of new information / information technologies and globalization in terms of personal data processing, in the Republic of Macedonia starting from August 24, 2021 begins the full implementation of the new Law on Personal Data Protection.

This law regulates the protection of personal data as fundamental freedoms and rights of natural persons, and especially the rights of privacy related to the processing of personal data.

This law applies to:

– on fully and partially automated processing of personal data and

– other processing of personal data that are part of an existing collection of personal data or are intended to be part of a collection of personal data.

The protection of personal data is guaranteed to every natural person without discrimination based on his nationality, race, skin color, religious beliefs, ethnicity, sex, language, political or other beliefs, material status, birth origin, education, social origin, citizenship, place or type of residence or any other personal characteristics.

The personal data are:

– process fairly and in accordance with the law;

– collect for specific, clear and legally determined goals and are processed in a way that is in accordance with those goals. Further processing of the data for the purposes of historical, scientific or statistical research shall not be deemed to be inconsistent with the original purposes of the data collection if appropriate safeguards are taken in accordance with the law;

– appropriate, relevant and not excessive in relation to the purposes for which they are collected and processed;

– accurate, complete and, where necessary, updated, taking all appropriate measures to delete or correct data that are inaccurate or incomplete, taking into account the purposes for which they were collected or processed, and

– kept in a form that enables identification of the personal data subject, not longer than necessary to meet the purposes for which the data are collected for further processing.

Business Confederation of Macedonia opens telephone support lines for the preparation and harmonization of the necessary documentation for the implementation of the Law on Personal Data Protection. These telephone lines will be available from 26.08.2021.

You can see the full law on Macedonian at the following link.