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Business Confederation of Macedonia (BCM) was established in 2001. It started operating as an association of employers which articulated, represented and supported the interests of its members and the interests of the business community in the country. Today, BCM’s membership consists of 8.500 companies associated in 13 business associations, with three regional offices in Prilep , Tetovo and Gevgelija, as well as headquarters in Skopje.

Apart from representing and advocating  the interests of its members,  BCM is a catalyst of the expression of the business community and a driver of the social dialog and the industrial relations in the country.

Promoting the concept of running businesses responsibly, we encourage the sustainability of the economy and long-term growth of the companies. The knowledge and the views of the Business Confederation of Macedonia are based upon the constant communication with the members – due diligence, in-depth analyses and measurement of the conditions in various social spheres at local, regional and national level.

BCM’s focus is continuous improvement of the business environment, support to entrepreneurship, support to micro, small and medium enterprises (MSME) which make the basis of the economic growth and unemployment reduction, as well as advancement of the human capital in the economy through training and education.
As a confederation of the businesses in Macedonia, we monitor the law and bylaws adoption processes , we shall continue to search for ways to facilitate the administrative barriers and to improve the business climate in the Republic of Macedonia, we shall continue to build cooperation with our member and our partners and to represent their interests through regular reporting.

It is a true wish of the Business Confederation of Macedonia to encourage the Republic of Macedonia to be a country where it is safe and worthwhile to run a business, to be a place where life is good, satisfactory and noble.