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Business networking is an important process of meeting, connecting and interacting with people who can support the business and its goals. Whether face-to-face or through social media, business networking is interpersonal and involves building trust and relationships.

Business Confederation of Macedonia offers to the private sector of the Republic of North Macedonia a wide range of networking opportunities through structured business networking events or informal business gatherings that focus on bringing business people together.

Business Confederation of Macedonia focuses on organizing events that provide valuable networking opportunities for members and showcase the breadth and depth of many areas, businesses, strengths, stories and economic opportunities in the Republic of North Macedonia. Our event calendar includes many networking, training and exhibition opportunities each year, providing invaluable opportunities for the professional development of the members and the general public of the private sector in the country.

Our event program is designed to meet the needs of members, from networking to current and future business news. The purpose of  Business Confederation of Macedonia with this service is to offer business networking whose main purpose is to provide a platform for expanding our member’s customer base, meeting like-minded entrepreneurs, as well as creating private-professional relationships between local business owners.