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“The secret of success is to be constancy awake for your purpose. It’s what makes us ready for the successes.” Find your opportunity in  BCM!

The overall economic significance of fast growing young companies is estimated to be high. Various studies find that young fast growing companies create a high increase in qualified employment in both the short- and medium- term and in the long run. They further deploy strong positive effects on the dynamics of the future economic development.
They are the heart of any economy. They show the potential that it brings future economic development, new trends and directions in which it is most profitable to do business, they create many new jobs. While in developed market economies, the first association for emerging companies is an innovative technology company or a unique business entrepreneurial idea that brings huge earnings which rewards entrepreneurial risk, Macedonian companies rapidly grow away from this story.

Every big firm ever starts business as a  small company.The key to success in business is not in the size of the company. The essence is the company has a business model and the conditions that will allow it to have growth and profitability. For this purpose BCM is ready in every way to help your business and your business.

Be a one of fast growing companies in Macedonia, be an example for the others!
Fast Growing companies contribute to the growth of employment and participate as stakeholders in creating new jobs. Also, promote productivity and competitiveness in the industry, and promote economic growth. Fast Growing companies are important because they affect: reducing unemployment, significant and GDP and the creation of added value, small and micro enterprises play an active and crucial role in the innovation process. These businesses usually operate on the basis of entrepreneurship which is based on  innovation.

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What is the secret of Fast Growing Companies?

Running a business requires time, effort and so many other things. And you can’t do it all on your own either. You need a variety of different tools to help you succeed. Whether those tools are actual products or just concepts that you can use to strengthen your business, it’s important to have the best supply of business tools at your disposal.

We prepare industry customized tools for our members in order to grown their business.

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