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Celebration of the 15th anniversary of the Business Confederation of Macedonia

Celebration of the 15 Business Confederation of Macedonia
(Skopje, 03.30.2017) – A vast network of members, number of projects  partners with representatives of key international organizations and with clearly defined priorities for improving the business climate in the country, Business Confederation of Macedonia celebrated the 15th anniversary of successful and dedicated work. Before numerous guests, the Minister of Finance Kiril Minoski, representatives from the EU Delegation in Macedonia and the International Labor Organization, the business community, the Confederation explained the priorities of the past work, partnership and cooperation, innovation and knowledge, transparency and the creation of socially responsible enterprises.
“The creation of a favorable business climate proved to be difficult, but also a successful challenge. In all these years of existence and work independently and with our partners from international organizations, we were able to partially improve the business climate in the country in terms of education, the establishment of social dialogue, use of corporate useful practices and overall perception of opportunities and ambitions of growing up and developing a business. What we have achieved has shown us that we still have much to do, that there is a potential for Macedonian companies from all sectors and volumes, to indicate the numerous prospects that stand before them. So, the Business Confederation of Macedonia will continue to articulate and support the business interests of its members, but also of the business opportunities in the country, “said Mile Boskov, president of the Business Confederation of Macedonia.
Fifteen anniversary was marked by organizing a panel discussion on “Better business climate for business independence and integrity.” The panelists Zoran Martinovski, Director of the International Finance Corporation, a member of the World Bank Group addressed the processes that bring companies to reach their long-term business sustainability and independence. Darko Madzoski expert guidance, management and training managers routed attitudes and knowledge about key procedures and steps to achieve full business integrity for companies. Gender equality in terms of equal and balanced management businesses and that business integrity is closely conditioned business gender equality was an exposé of Valentina Disoska, President of the Association of Business Women and businessman. Jean Marie Standard, senior expert of the Dutch management program employers’ associations referred to the role of employers in creating a business independence.
Besides representing and advocating the interests of their members, BCM is a catalyst for expressing business and instigator of social dialogue and industrial relations in the country. Promoting the concept of responsible conduct of business, encourages sustainability of the economy and long-term corporate development. Today membership of BCM counts 8,500 companies joined in 13 business associations, with two regional offices in Prilep, Tetovo and Skopje headquarters.









*The organization of the event and holding a panel discussion supported and enabled by the project “Promoting social dialogue”, financed by the European Union and implemented by the International Labor Organization.