Membership of BCM is opened for all businesses. BCM proudly represent different businesses with a membership of over 8,500 Macedonian businesses; growing domestic companies, multinational, SME in all sectors of the economy.

As a member of BCM, your company can benefit from vital business services, including our services for the development of human resources, business advice, expert advice and business events across the country but also networking on international level in terms of development of business.

From the membership all your staff could benefit, not just one individual.

Provided benefits for our members are:

Advocacy: Lobbying activity in the industry, regional, national and international level.
Impact: The opportunity to join the working groups and have direct input into policy recommendations for a wide range of business issues.
Knowledge: a unique insight into market trends and detailed sectoral analysis.
Regional Support: Practical business support from our regional offices including local events and networking opportunities.
Networking events: access to more than 20 events nationwide that offer great opportunities for networking and achieving the national and international business contacts in all sectors.
HR services: Expert support employee relations, industrial relations and human resources policies and procedures.
Online Human Resources: Exclusive access to vocational content of the Labour Law, explained and easily understood terms with practical guides.
Training and skills: access to a wide range of management training and professional skills
The opportunity to get discounts and participate in the project of mutual solidarity of BCM members named “Employers for employers
The opportunity to be directly involved in the largest global network of employers that gathers 145 employers organizations, members of IOE (International Organization of Employers)
Online Member Resources — This access includes BCM legal reviews and analysis, and an extensive online library, and a searchable archive of analysis and publications
General and specific rights and interests of its members, especially:

In the area of labor and social protection legislation
In relations with state and administrative authorities, local governments and trade unions
In the area of collective bargaining and conclusion of collective agreements, as well as in labor disputes