Business Ethics!
The concept of business ethics comes from different issues related to different people, but generally represents the direction that emphasizes what is good and recommended for the working environment .Business ethics is common, acceptable and decent actions that are included in the notion of good faith business operation in terms of the effects of the products / services as well as in relations with business partners .To dedicate attention to business ethics especially during significant changes-when managers face significant business dealings, regardless of whether it will be of profit or non-profit aspect. At a time of fundamental change, the values that were previously taken “for granted” is now put under doubt . A number of those values should be monitored and continuously updated . There is still no moral compass clarified that will lead the leaders, businessmen, workers throughout the complex dilemmas about what is right and wrong and what should be taken as a guideline for profitable business.
Focus to ethics workplace sharpness the sense of action of the leaders / managers and employees on how to operate. Perhaps more importantly, the attention of ethics in the workplace, a strong moral compass for managers to cope during the confusion during the crisis. However, the attention to business ethics provides numerous other benefits .
Be sure and note that there will be effects on business ethics, as regards the rules for “doing the right thing,” which confirms the well-known phrase “be good”, “do not lie”, “be honest” “be honest at work” so that those people who would contradict the previously mentioned, do not understand business ethics seriously. For many of us these principles can be a real solution during stressful, crisis situations. Consequently, business ethics can be strong and preventive .
Guidelines for the establishment of business compliance and business ethics
Laws or contracts can not predict sudden or unexpected changes in professional or private existing ,thus entrepreneurs often make decisions on common sense and awareness and in accordance with applicable laws. The key to building the foundation of the business must be based on lying, stealing slichno.Od bribery and here the company’s reputation is advisable to build upon:
A commitment to integrity, competence and quality,
Always conduct business within the available resources,
Respect for your partners and participants in a joint business venture,
Date of violence or threats of violence as methods for achieving business success
Date of crime and corruption showing that crime and corruption become unprofitable for everyone,
Demonstrating confidence as your attitude, showing that trust is the foundation for entrepreneurship and the key to success
What is the secret to making rules for ethical behavior in the company?
BCM for its members and the business community prepare models of ethical documents which will bring ethical practices for doing business.
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Business integrity!
Business integrity, ethics and transparency are the basis for honest and responsible conduct of business. But only until such time as the company has not paid that make them an integral part of its business operation.
At BCM business the compliance is the basic parameter for business “peaceful sleep” –business compliance (following laws and ethical business standards) requires a continuing commitment to work every company every day. From risk reduction to scrupulously adhere to the laws and regulations, compliance should be built into the company’s “DNA” and be visible in all practices and efforts to reduce the risks, ethical decision-making processes and policies for corporate governance. Therefore the Business Confederation of Macedonia fervently believes that to do the right thing on the right and fair way and that is the only way to run a business.
Simply, it is something they do honest employers, leaders in their company and business.