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WIM 3 – Workers’ Involvement in Management

INCLUSION OF THE EMPLOYEES IN THE MANAGEMENT – AWARENESS, EXPERIMENT, MONITORING The WIM3 project will help deepen the understanding in participating countries of the importance of employee participation schemes and will serve employer and employee representatives as a tool for sharing know-how and experience. It will be useful to familiarize all relevant stakeholders with EU […]

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Growth of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Europe

Through “Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs” international exchanges, we put in remarkable people and significant business experiences in the lives of young entrepreneurs. The exchange takes place within the framework of the project “Growth of SMEs in Europe” (SGE), led by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Girona (Spain), and co-financed by the European Commission. Through […]

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Creative and Innovation Driven Enterprises’ Network

Business Confederation of Macedonia is part of the project “Creative and Innovation Driven Enterprises’ Network”(CIDE-NET). The CIDE-NET project will be implemented by six (6) organizations from five (5) countries (Albania, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Macedonia and Greece). It will help entrepreneurs in the targeted sectors to manage competitive and viable businesses and improve their efficiency and sustainability. […]

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